Coffee an Food in and around Tôkyô: Goldfish café in Yoyogi

Too much work and too much computer in my life now..
But at the moment I have some free time to work at Real Japanese Gardens projects and I am able to do that in cafés.
So I went to a café near Yoyogi station, called „Goldfish“ café. Actually 金魚CAFE.
It is really small, but nice.

In front of the little shop is a place where one can sit outside or smoke.
In the back of the café are various sofas and armchairs.
Most of the places are for 2 people only, but there are also two places for up to 4 people.
The walls are covered with pictures drawn by one woman. I don’t know if she is part of the staff or not. One can buy them, but they are not really my taste.


So… Und weil meine Arbeit heute nur aus Englisch bestand, merkte ich erst jetzt, dass ich den Eintrag auf Englisch geschrieben habe, obwohl mein Blog auf Deutsch ist..
Egal, jetzt mache ich auch auf Englisch weiter..

The menue has various hot drinks and a lot of teas. There are also teas with flowers in them. One woman ordered one, so I could see. Looked very nice!
There are also a lot of different dishes and cake sets.
I ordered a waffle set, Matcha with Azuki beans. Of course with vanilla icecream.
The coffee was a bit thin, because usual coffee is american coffee, but the waffle was delicious! And expensive..
As I don’t often pay for my lunch nowadays, I can sometimes afford things like this.
Cake set costs 920¥, waffle set 950¥. But it was a big portion!
The only weak point, besides the prices, was the time between ordering and delivery.
But as I was here to work, I had lot of stuff to do in the meantime.
When I become a very rich and famous designer *cough* I could come here more often I think.

Ps. Englisch wird nicht zur Gewohnheit werden..

Öffnungszeiten: 11:30~23:00.
Adresse: 東京都渋谷区代々木1-37-4 長谷川ビル1F
/ Tôkyô-to, Shibuya-ku, Yoyogi 1-37-4 Nagayagawa? biru 1F

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