Tokyo Sling Library

Zuletzt geupdated: Januar 30th, 2020

Hi there!

I love babywearing!
I also have a stroller (two actually) but I loved it to wear my baby. It was much easier to navigate in Tokyo’s public transportation system. I had easy access to everywhere, I was able to breastfeed in the carrier, and, this is the most important thing, I loved the very close contact with my son.

However, we really had a journey finding the right carrier for us on a budget without a sling library around.

I read a lot about babywearing and I then wanted an ergonomic carrier for my little one. But which carrier in Japan is ergonomic?
A long search began…

By now I am owning many carriers, some also good for a newborn, most only good from when the child is able to sit (or the neck sits).

I bet that a lot of people in Tokyo have the same problem as I with finding the perfect carrier!

And here I got an idea…

I already collected many different carriers and why not start a sling library and offering people to try them on to choose the right one?

I am not a professional babywearing-advisor yet (although I am working on getting my license) but you can contact me if you want to meet and try one or more of my carriers!

I am based in the Northern-West of Tokyo and we can meet somewhere in a park, at my home, a kid’s cafe or at your home!

You can try and rent these:

Currently not for rent but you can try:

Not available at the moment: